Does your kid need to fundraise for their next school trip? How about a sports team looking to pay for new uniforms? Looking to fundraise for a charity event? Look no further!

San Vito Coffee House offers fundraising with coffee and tea! Costa Rica Arabica Coffee is some of the best quality coffee in the world. Every pound of our gourmet coffee sold offers a high margin return to help meet the fundraiser’s specific goals! 

How Does it Work?
We will send you all of the information including tracking sheets, sellers information, and generic information about the coffee and the tea. We recommend that you sell for a minimum of one week, two weeks maximum. Once you submit your order forms and money it takes about 5-7 days for us to get your coffee and tea to you. 

Are There Start-Up Costs?
Nope! You sell what you sell, and you profit from how many bags you sell. Super easy, no strings attached!

How Much Do I Make?
From every bag of coffee and tea sold, you make $5 towards your fundraiser. 

What Kinds of Coffee and Tea are Offered?
For coffee, we sell medium and dark roasts in either ground or bean form. For a list of our teas, please contact us at the store as our selection changes monthly.  

Please email for more information!